Counselling For Change

I believe we all hold the power to change and brighten our lives. My purpose is to unleash the power within you and make you feel whole, fulfilled and happy. These are the states of being that create a successful person. 

I draw attention to one’s personal beliefs which may be affecting or hindering your personal growth. Life is all about interactions and I emphasise this in my methods. 

I help my clients analyse their social relations, giving them the tools to notice patterns in them. This process provides a deeper insight into their inner workings, enabling positive change to come about. You become truly content with your life, your relationships and your work or business becomes successful.

I also work with a unique combination of eastern and western approaches. I provide a safe, supportive environment in which you can explore and find your own way and insights into your life.

I place equal emphasis on mind and body and explore lifestyle options with a view to reaching a happy and healthy life. I treat everyone as an individual who needs a unique blend of approaches to help them. I believe a strong therapeutic relationship helps people to find their own resources and inner strengths.

 In other words, you become happier.

Take a first step towards making your life better.

Nisa Shah, (BA, MA, MBACP)

Counselling & Psychotherapy in Twickenham